Laravel Starter Kit

Laravel Starter Kit is based on Laravel 7.x and VueJS + Material design(Vuetify)


So many starter kits out there but so bloated with features and sometimes an overkill. This tries to provide you the very basic that most of the application needs. In most cases, you only need this to go further with still full control on your foundation, no magic and extra complexities, just the right sugar.

NOTE: This starter app assumes you have a good fundamental knowledge with Laravel framework, vueJS and SPA (Single Page Application). If you are new to this technologies then this app might not be for you. If you have good knowledge already with Laravel & VueJS then things here should be straight forward to you and you can easily expand the app to your needs.


✔ User, Group & Permissions Management

✔ Uses the default Laravel Auth + some goodies to handle complex permissions. No worries of learning anything!

✔ Comes with File Manager Out of the box

✔ Easy to work with, no complex patterns & techniques

✔ Everything is explicitly defined so any developer can quickly dive in to the codes and start working with the starter kit

✔ Built in Material Design using Vuetify

✔ Single Page Admin Dashboard

Stack Info

  • PHP version 7.3 or Higher is required
  • Laravel v7.x
  • VueJS v3+
  • Vuetify(Material Design) v2.0~